Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s Elected Parliamentarians, Angus Robertson MP and Richard Lochhead MSP, are visiting local employers who have taken on apprentices. 

Angus Robertson met apprentices at award winning ‘8 to 8 Dental’ in Buckie.

Richard Lochhead met apprentices at ‘Johnstons of Elgin’, who employ apprentices in a range of areas within the mill.

The visits come as employers from across Scotland back Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2015, which runs from 18 to 22 May.

The Skills Development Scotland (SDS) campaign, now in its fifth year, highlights the benefits apprenticeships bring to employers, individuals and the local economy.

SDS Chief Executive Damien Yeates said: 

“Modern Apprenticeships work for employers of all sizes, from family firms to global companies.

“Scottish Apprenticeship Week celebrates Modern Apprentice employers and the achievements of apprentices, who play a vital and valuable role in Scotland’s economy.”

Visiting ‘8 to 8 Dental’ Angus Robertson MP said: 

“It is great to see young people in new and innovative apprenticeship places and getting great support from local employers like ‘8 to 8 Dental’. The biggest investment we can make in Scotland’s future is in our young people – and the SNP is determined to do everything we can to support and empower them.” 

Principal Dentist at ‘8 to 8 Dental’ Hiranya Fadia said:

“We were introduced to Modern Apprenticeships by Business gateway, who got us in touch with Helen Donnaghy (iDENT training). They have both been brilliant in their support.
“As any new business , we've had cash flow challenges but having the apprentices being trained under the scheme which is fully funded by Skills Development scotland made it so much easier to sail through the difficult times.

“We in fact managed to win the "Best NHS Practice" by Dentistry Scotland in 2014 and could not have achieved this without the support from our staff and iDENT training.”

Visiting Johnstons of Elgin Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Johnstons have a large number of apprentices working in many different areas of the business and I commend their support to get young people into high skill jobs. The SNP is committed to steadily increasing apprentice numbers and this week announced a further £3.8 million investment in apprenticeships and to support schools with investment in more foundation apprenticeships. Having this range of opportunity for young people is critical to Scotland’s success.”

Group Human Resources Director at Johnstons, Willie Wood, said:
“Modern Apprenticeships are a great foundation for formal, structured training in the critical textile skills that we will require for the generations ahead.  On completion, employees are awarded with a nationally accredited qualification and at present we have 80 Modern Apprentices currently qualified or in training.  Modern Apprenticeships are truly at the heart of Learning & Development at Johnstons of Elgin”