Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has pointed to new expert evidence that Tory cuts to social security have failed by even their own standards. Expert research by Sheffield Hallam University finds that welfare cuts have had no ‘observable relationship with labour market participation in Scotland’ and “no relationship with employment growth”.

The paper goes on to say that “On balance, the evidence provides little support for the view that welfare reform is having important and positive impacts on the labour market in Scotland.”

Local MP Mr Robertson, who has long argued that the UK Government’s welfare reforms are fundamentally wrong, says the new evidence simply adds weight to the argument that the changes do not help to get people in work but simply hit hardest on those who have the least.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“This expert evidence makes it clear once and for all that, despite Tory claims, welfare cuts have had no real positive impact in getting people into work. Charities, Local Authorities, University Researchers and many others are quite clear that this is nothing more than a cut in support for those who can least afford it.

“Welfare Reform is an attack on the poor and, in no way, a serious attempt to improve the labour market.

“The people most affected by these cuts are working families and the disabled. It is callous and underhanded to keep suggesting that these changes are made to encourage people into work. The fact is the vast majority of those being hit are either working or are simply not able to because of health issues.

“It is time the Tory Government made a long overdue U-turn because if they don’t then they are clearly more interested in punishing people rather than supporting them back into work.

“Fundamentally we need to have social security powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament to get a system in place that is fair and just.”