Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Angus Robertson, Member of Parliament for Moray, has marked Merchant Navy Davy, which takes place on 3 September.

The 3 September is chosen as it also marks the anniversary of the sinking of merchant vessel SS Athenia which was torpedoed just a few hours after war was declared on Germany in 1939. The sinking resulted in the loss of 128 passengers and crew.

To mark the day the merchant navy flag, the red ensign, is flown across the country.

Commenting on the contribution of the merchant navy Angus Robertson MP said:

“Our merchant seamen are incredibly important to us all. While it may not be obvious on a day-to-day basis the fact is that we rely on merchant seamen every single day to ensure that people are fed that we have the goods and services we all rely on. This can only happen if ships are operating and bringing essential items into ports the length and breadth of the country.

“The contribution of merchant seamen during times of war has been particularly notable. In operations such as the Arctic Convoys of World War II, which operated out of Northern Scotland many thousands lost their lives in the critical work of getting wartime supplies of food, ammunition and equipment to the Russian front.

“These sacrifice should never be forgotten and we should all be aware of the hard work aboard ships that happens everyday to keep our economy in Moray and across Scotland operating in an effective way that supports jobs in all our communities.”