Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has commented on reports that the High Speed Two rail link (HS2) will not come to Scotland. 

The SNP MP for Moray says that at a time when the Scottish Government has a programme of major infrastructure investment to improve key travel routes, including the A96 and A9 dualling programmes, major upgrading of the Inverness-Aberdeen rail lines and other major works like the new Forth Crossing, the failure to support an HS2 connection to Scotland is outrageous.

Mr Robertson has regularly raised infrastructure issues like HS2 and air links to London, which are hugely important to Scotland - especially to the many exporting businesses in Moray who need effective and reliable links to reach their customers and to get people into Moray.  

Angus Robertson MP said: 

“It would be outrageous if the UK Government planned to snub Scotland on HS2. This feasibility study was published months ago and it has to be questioned why this is only coming to light after the election has passed.
“Including Scotland in HS2 would be transformative and not only deliver greater economic and business returns but also maximise environmental benefits. It would radically reduce journey times to significant market places for many businesses in Scotland, including the many exporting businesses based right here in Moray.

“The SNP Scottish Government has made infrastructure investment a major priority with the dualling projects of both the A9 and the A96 progressing through various stages. In addition we are already seeing the early preparation work for major improvements to our rail-line through Moray and the spectacular new Forth Crossing taking shape.. 

“This is in stark contrast to the total lack of ambition throughout the development of plans for HS2 and the Westminster establishment seems committed to cutting Scotland out of the project entirely.

“It should be remembered that Scotland’s taxpayers will contribute billions to HS2 with practically no return on the basis of what we currently know.
“There would be huge economic benefit for us and that is currently being denied by bad decision making in Westminster.”