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Angus Robertson is the SNP Leader in Westminster. He leads the largest ever group of SNP MPs at Westminster, with 56 of 59 Scottish Constituencies represented by the SNP, making the SNP the UK’s third largest political party at Westminster.

Angus has represented Moray Constituency in the North East of Scotland since his election in June 2001. Prior to that he was the European and International Affairs Adviser to the SNP group in the Scottish Parliament.

Before moving into politics, Angus worked as a foreign and diplomatic correspondent in central Europe for the BBC, Austrian Radio and other leading broadcasters.

Angus was born in London and brought up in Edinburgh where he received both his Primary and High School education.

After leaving Broughton High School Angus completed an MA Honours in Politics and International Relations at Aberdeen University before embarking on his journalistic career.

Angus' main political interests are Scottish independence, International and European Affairs, defence, whisky, oil, fishing, sustainable development and youth issues.