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Re-elect Angus Robertson as SNP MP for Moray

Angus Robertson

A message from Angus

“The General Election on 7th May is Moray and Scotland’s opportunity to make our voice heard loudly and clearly.

“Left to their own devices, both the Tories and Labour plan another round of austerity cuts. Neither can be trusted to deliver the powers Scotland was promised. The SNP will speak out against unfair policies like the Bedroom tax and speak up for social justice for all.

“Hard working families in Moray simply can’t afford another five years of cuts. But that is all that is on offer from Labour and the Tories as they plan to implement £30 billion of further austerity – while spending £100 billion renewing Trident weapons of mass destruction.

“The SNP’s alternative is not to waste billions on nuclear weapons. Instead we will invest in childcare and vital public services. We will make sure Scotland's NHS is always cared for - the budget protected and its future secure in public hands. We will keep Westminster parties to their promise of more powers for Scotland. On pensions we are committed to the retention of the triple lock to ensure that the state pension increases every year either by inflation, in line with wages or by 2.5 per cent – whichever is higher.

“The choice in this election is absolutely clear, between the Westminster parties and their shared commitment to the austerity cuts which are putting real pressure on our public services and on hard working families – or the SNP’s sensible plans for a modest increase in public spending to ensure public services like the NHS are supported, that families are supported and that we grow our economy through investment rather than hitting the most vulnerable the hardest with more years of austerity.”

“With just weeks to go until polling day, the SNP is going into this General Election in a strong position. It is good ideas and hard work that win elections and we take nothing for granted and will work harder over the remaining few weeks than we have ever done before. I will be out with SNP supporters across Moray and chapping on doors and speaking to folk on our High Streets to persuade more and more people to vote SNP.”

Angus Robertson

About Angus

Angus Robertson became the SNP’s Leader in Westminster following Alex Salmond's election as First Minister for Scotland in 2007.

Angus has represented the Moray Constituency in the House of Commons since 2001 and is the Scottish Shadow Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Before his election in June 2001 he was the European and International Affairs Adviser to the SNP group in the Scottish Parliament.

Prior to that, he worked as a foreign and diplomatic correspondent in central Europe for the BBC, Austrian Radio and other leading broadcasters.

Angus was born in London and brought up in Edinburgh where he received both his Primary and High School education.

After leaving Broughton High School Angus completed a MA Honours in Politics and International Relations at Aberdeen University before embarking on his journalistic career.

Angus' main political interests are Scottish independence, International and European Affairs, defence, whisky, oil, fishing, sustainable development and youth issues.

During his time In parliament Angus is a member of the European Scrutiny Committee, Vice-Chairman of the All Party Whisky Group, Vice-Chairman of the All Party Offshore Oil and Gas Group, member of the All Party Fisheries Group and has participated in the Parliamentary Armed Forces Scheme.